The GAM/DP Theory of Personality and Creativity
by: William A. Therivel, PhD
Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5 Vol 6
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-GAM/DP Synopsis
-GAM Introduction
-DP Introduction
-GAM/DP Summary
-Mozart and not Salieri
-Personality Families
-Berlin's Hedgehogs & Foxes
-James Joyce - Fox
-Newton's Personality Styles
-Gifted and Talented
-GAM's Marginal Men
-GAM's Heidegger
-GAM's Nietzsche
-GAM's Nathaniel Hawthorne
-German Ethnopsychology
-Japanese Ethnopsychology
-French Ethnopsychology
-Spanish Ethnopsychology
-Chinese Ethnopsychology
-Argentine Ethnopsychology
-Byzantium's Creativity
-Venice's Creativity
-Chaucer's Griselda
-Western Medicine's Origins
-Individual Growth by Thinking GxAxMxDP
William A. Therivel
William Therivel
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-High Creativity Unmasked
-Studying Power
-Studying National Characters
-Studying National Creativity
Biography of Author

A summary of the six volumes of Therivel’s
The GAM/DP Theory of Personality and Creativity

The six volumes in question (published by Kirk House, 2001 to 2008), and Several articles in Creativity Research Journal (1993 to 1999) which preceded them, deal with a new theory of personality and creativity, at the individual and societal levels, at which I have been working for more than 30 years.

General Contents by Subjects of Volumes 1 to 6

List of subjects treated in volumes 1 through 6 of THE GAM/DP THEORY OF PERSONALITY AND CREATIVITY, published by Kirk House (2001 to 2008).

The numbers indicate first the volume then the chapter.

The GAM Theory of Personality and Creativity1:1
Why Mozart and Not Salieri?1:2
The Fourteen GAM-Challenged Personality Families 1:3
Why GAM?1:4
Creativity via a Detour Abroad1:6
Breaking Out of Scripts or Not Having Them?1:7
GAM's Hedgehogs and GAM's Foxes1:9
The Long Term Effect of Power on Creativity1:11
The Creativogenicity of GAM/DP and the War of the Scripts1:22
The New Volunteerism as the Ultimate Division of Power1:27
Lord Acton's Law of Power, and its Four Corollaries1:28
Gifted/Talented Children (High GxA) Will (Should) Become Successful Professionals; Challenged Children Will (Should) Become Geniuses 3:1
In Praise of Pruning and on the Dangers of Success3:3
Why Berlinian Fox or Hedgehog?3:7
The Creative Process4:27
Positive Psychology4:29
Synopsis of the GAM/DP Theory4:30
High Creativity Demands Misfortunes Which Minimize Adolescent Peer Influences5:3
DP Creative Thinking Versus Exhaustive Dialectical Thinking5:17
Reading the Berlinian Examples of Hedgehogs and Foxes in GAM terms6:11

AriostoAriosto's Pessimism and the Life of a Renaissance Courtier2:3
Baden-PowellGAM Universalist, therefore Berlininan Hedgehog6:6
BerlinThe Berlinian Arch-Fox Isaiah Berlin4:6
BerlinIsaiah Berlin: Alchemist/Fox6:5
BonhoefferBonhoeffer: Challenged and Highly Creative by Choice, Not Misfortune5:10
CalvinoCalvino, Like Goethe, Was a Berlinian Fox by Being a GAM Alchemist3:5
CanettiThe Making of a Special Insular Personality: Canetti4:22
CharlemagneCharlemagne, First of the Moderns?2:11
FordLet the Cobbler Stick to His Last! No, Wrong Advice, Especially to a Universalist-Architect like Ford4:9
GadamerGadamer: Universalist-Seeker5:5
GoetheCalvino, Like Goethe, Was a Berlinian Fox by Being a GAM Alchemist3:5
HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne: GAM Radiologist-Universalist-Miner4:2
James RoyceMaître Renard James Joyce 1:10
HeideggerWas Heidegger a Seeker Personality? And How about Other Existentialist Philosophers and Psychologists?1:26
KeynesKeynes: Seeker-Alchemist-Miner5:1
KleePaul Klee: GAM Miner3:1
LeonardoLeonardo's (and Ruzante's) Misfortune of Illegitimate Birth5:7
LeonardoLeonardo's Sixteen Incongruous Horses in His Adoration of the Magi5:8
LincolnHow the Mind of Young Abraham Lincoln Was Shaped by the Creativogenic Misfortune of Relative Father Failure4:7
MichelangeloIn Whose Company Is God in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam?5:32
MoraviaAlberto Moravia, Down-to-Earth Radiologist4:4
MozartWhy Mozart and Not Salieri?1:2
MozartNo Schroeder! Mozart's Don Giovanni Did Not Deny God5:9
NietzscheNietzsche as GAM Radiologist2:9
PasteurPasteur and John Nash: GAM Seekers5:2
PiagetWhy Berlinian Fox or Hedgehog?3:7
PlanckMax Planck: A Non-Challenged Personality 5:4
PowerEileen Power: Alchemist and Universalist, Fox and Hedgehog5:31
PushkinAleksandr Pushkin, GAM Miner and Trapper, Therefore Berlinian Arch-Fox4:3
Romain RollandHedgehog and Seeker-Universalist6:7
RooseveltRoosevelt's Poliomyelitis at Age 39: GAM's Pruning5:6
SalieriWhy Mozart and Not Salieri?1:2
ShakespeareGAM Alchemist and Berlinian Fox6:8
TagoreTagore's High GxAxMxDP6:1
Darwin & NewtonFrom Shortage of Scripts, to Enlarged Curiosity, to Scientific Discoveries1:8
Boccaccio, Petrarch, ChaucerBut Weren't Also the Classics at Fault? On the Griselda by Boccaccio, Petrarch, Chaucer2:2
Baudelaire, Natsume, De Kooning, Munch, Newton, SartreThe GAM Miner Personality2:10
Emerson and WhitmanEmerson and Whitman: Foxes; Emerson Transcendentalist Arch-Fox and Universalist-Alchemist; Whitman Fox and Alchemist6:2
Jephthah, Alexander HamiltonGAM Trappers Military Commanders3:6
Naipaul, Said, Cervantes, Montaigne, Marx, Freud, Napoleon, EndoGAM Leadsmen Are Not Parkian Marginal Men4:1
Solzhenitsyn, Goethe, PicassoDeliberately More Hedgehog (Solzhenitsyn), or More Fox (Goethe, Picasso) 4:5
Carnegie, Eastman, Ford, Watson, Revson, Walton, Noyce
Further Evidence for GAM: At Least Five of the Seven Giants of Enterprise of Tedlow Were Challenged Personalities4:8
Calderón de la Barca, Cervantes, Lope de Vega
In Praise of Calderón de la Barca, Cervantes and Lope de Vega (Anti-Aristocratic, Challenged Spanish Writers of the Siglo de Oro)5:26
Cervantes and UnamunoNo, Unamuno, Don Quixote Did Not Suffer of "Herostratism"5:33
Tolkien, C.S. LewisTolkien Universalist -- Lewis Universalist-Miner6:4
Twain and GroszTwain and Grosz Critical Jesters from the Misfortune of Family Downfall not so Emerson and Whitman6:3
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Simone de Beauvoir, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, Selma Lagerlöf, Sigrid Undset, Marie Curie
Nine Eminent Women: Seven Hedgehogs and Two Foxes6:10

ArgentinaAn Ethnopsychological Explanation of Argentina's Difficulties4:16
BurgundyThe Contrasting Results of the Unity of Power of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Division of Power of the Tuscan Communes2:1
ByzantiumLow Creativity and High Unity of Power of the Byzantine Civilization1:14
ChinaDid The Mandarins Kill the Chinese Civilization?2:7
ChinaSolving the Enigma of the Decline and Fall of Creativity in Imperial China6:13
ChinaAnticipating More Changes: A Chinese Insular Virtue from Necessity4:20
ChinaMore on the Contrast Between Chinese and Western Ethnopsychologies6:14
EgyptThe Origins, Decline and Fall of the Egyptian Civilization1:19
EnglandThe Church's Involuntary but Major Contribution to the Development of the English Parliament2:12
EnglandThe Liberating Power of the English Bible Under DP3:11
EnglandThe Famed English and Japanese Imperturbability and its Causes4:26
EnglandNo English Sonderweg Without the Humiliation of King Henry II and the Cult of St. Thomas Becket6:26
EnglandHas the British UP Class System Insularized People? Are Soccer Hooligans Radical Insulars?6:27
FranceThe French as UP Neo-Romans2:5
FranceWriting or no One's Memoirs? No in Spain: Life is a Universal Toothache; Yes in France: Life is Scrupulous Enjoyment6:22
FranceWas Sartre's, Flaubert's and Moličre's Flogging og the Bourgeois a Disservice to France?6:23
FranceFrench UP Literature Versus Italian (and English) DP Literature - Part I6:24
FranceFrench UP Literature Versus Italian DP Literature - Part II6:25
GermanyThe Ritter (Knight/Warrior) Personality of the Germans--Are the Germans the Last of the Medievals?1:25
GermanyWhy the Famous German Kultur Failed - Part I5:16
GermanyWhy the Famous German Kultur Failed - Part II6:18
GermanyWhy the Famous German Kultur Failed - Part III6:19
GermanyWhy the Famous German Kultur Failed - Part IV6:20
GermanyThe UP Cause for Goethe's "Renunciation": the Power of Duke Carl August6:21
ItalyNo Canossas--No Contemporary Division of Power1:23
ItalyDante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Sacchetti, Visitors1:24
ItalyThe Contrasting Results of the Unity of Power of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Division of Power of the Tuscan Communes2:1
ItalyThe Italian Riconquista of 951-1369 and the Making of the Visitor Personality3:13
JapanThe Strict Ritter Personality of the Japanese3:9
JapanInterpreting Three Recent Studies on the Contrast between the Japanese and American Ethnopsychology4:21
JapanThe Harsh Rejection of Three Japanese Visitor Heroes5:29
JapanThe Japanese "Ripple Effect", or Be Careful of Okami (the Powers that Be) - the Harsh Rejection of Three Japanese Visitor Heroes6:15
JudaismThe High Creativity of Rabbinic Judaism and its Talmud6:12
RussiaIn Supping with the Tsar the Russian Church Lacked a Long Spoon4:17
RussiaHow Did Nineteenth-Century Russia Produce So Many Great Men?5:27
ScotlandThe DP Origins of the Scottish Enlightenment1:18
SpainThe Spaniards as UP Hidalgos2:6
SpainWriting or not One's Memoirs? No in Spain: Life is a Universal Toothache; Yes in France: Life is Scrupulous Enjoyment6:22
SwitzerlandThe Origins of the Swiss Confederation1:17
USAThe DP Origins of the United States1:15
USAAmericans as Gothic Foxes, Latin-Americans as Baroque Hedgehogs1:16
USATom Sawyer and the Invention of a Visitor Sport2:4
USAHow Did Eighteenth-Century America Produce So Many Great Men?5:25
VeniceWhy did Venice Have no Great Writers When It Had Great Painters, Architects and Musicians?4:13
VeniceThe Decline and Fall of Venice - Lack of Great Writers and Thinkers6:16
VeniceGoldoni - Domestic Visitor6:17
ZangskarHow Sad for the Buddhist Nuns That Mondino's DP Scientific Medicine Has Not Yet Reached Zangskar6:30

The DP Origins of Western Science1:12
The DP Origins of Western Medicine1:13
The DP Origins of Western Medicine Part 2 - On the History of the Scientific Use of Dissection4:14
In Praise of Rabbi Elyse Goldstein's ReVisionism and of Mondino de' Luzzi's Dissections5:23
DP Christian Iconography versus UP Christian Iconography4:10
Contrasting Imperial Iconographies (dwarf or semigod) Paved the Way for the DP of Canossa4:11
Rinascimento and Siglo de Oro as "Swan Songs": of Swans Oppressed By the Unity of Power1:20
The DP Origins of Courtly Love4:18
The Ritter's Reaction to Courtly Love4:19
Castration--As Punishment or For Eunuchism Is a Specific UP Terror4:25
The DP Contribution to the Abolition of Slavery in the 18th and 19th Centuries4:15
The DP Origins of Fair-Play and Modern Sports5:24
Luther's Counter-Canossa (1520 and 1525)5:13

Why Are the Eccentrics Creative, but Not Eminently Creative?1:5
Central Unity of Power May Give Freedom and Favors to Some Talented People and Thereby Foster High Creativity1:21
GAM's Personality Families versus Eric Newton's Personality Styles3:2
No, Koestler: Humanity is Not Evil Due to the Brain's Lack of Coordination5:14
Sternberg is Right on Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid5:30

The Western Shift to Quantification Perception in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries as Additional Evidence for the DP Theory3:10
Religious DP Precursors of Canossa3:12
UP Corrupts the Supremo, Who Then Corrupts Others3:14
Much Vanity Under UP3:15
UP Saints versus DP Saints4:12
Against UP Therefore Against Castiglione4:23
More on Lord Acton's Law of Power4:24
Expanding on Three Historical "What If?"5:28
No, Ritter Kant: That Is Not the Greatest Problem for the Human Race5:11
Lay Rulers Corrupted the Christian Church(es)5:12
No, C. P. Snow: Your Expectations of Educated People Are Absurd5:15
Volunteerism as Maslow's Self-Actualization5:18
Modern Volunteerism: Involvement by Intellectuals Needed5:19
The DP Origin of Religious Tolerance and the Respect for Human Rights5:20
UP Orthodoxy Versus DP Orthopraxy5:21
No, Huntington: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Deserves More Praise5:22
DP and UP in Classical Arab and Persian Stories, the Nights in particular6:28
Why so many Orientalists from the West, and no Occidentalists from the East6:29
Choosing the Right Images for the Euro Bills, and the Right Parts from the Historical/Cultural Inheritance6:38

Sustained Creativity Requires Fighting the Abuses of the Power of the Scripts6:31
Also the Creativity of Young Children Requires a Paucity of Scripts6:32
A Blessed Shortage of Classical and Patristic Scripts from not Having Learned Greek: St. Augustine of Hippo.6:33
In Praise of Good Scripts6:34
The Good Script of Reaching Truth Several Times, Along Different Paths6:35
GAM/DP to Know Thyself and the Others., or, The Sad Failure of Understanding Macbeth and Prospero better than One's Daughter6:36
Wrong Place, Wrong Crowd: Infinitely Worse than d'Artagnan's Lack of the Right Friends6:37
Four Ways to Understand, Praise and Foster Volunteerism: A Presentation to the Humble Delta Kappa Gamma Society6:39
Hats off to the Houston Chronicle for Promoting, with Elegance, the Script of Generous Volunteering6:40
How to Be More Creative the GAM/DP Way6:41
The GAM/DP Theory of Personality and Leadership6:42