The GAM/DP Theory of Personality and Creativity
by: William A. Therivel, PhD
Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5 Vol 6
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-GAM/DP Synopsis
-GAM Introduction
-DP Introduction
-GAM/DP Summary
-Mozart and not Salieri
-Personality Families
-Berlin's Hedgehogs & Foxes
-James Joyce - Fox
-Newton's Personality Styles
-Gifted and Talented
-GAM's Marginal Men
-GAM's Heidegger
-GAM's Nietzsche
-GAM's Nathaniel Hawthorne
-German Ethnopsychology
-Japanese Ethnopsychology
-French Ethnopsychology
-Spanish Ethnopsychology
-Chinese Ethnopsychology
-Argentine Ethnopsychology
-Byzantium's Creativity
-Venice's Creativity
-Chaucer's Griselda
-Western Medicine's Origins
-Individual Growth by Thinking GxAxMxDP
William A. Therivel
William Therivel
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-High Creativity Unmasked
-Studying Power
-Studying National Characters
-Studying National Creativity
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List of subjects treated in volumes 1 through 6 of THE GAM/DP THEORY OF PERSONALITY AND CREATIVITY, published by Kirk House (2001 to 2007).

The numbers indicate first the volume then the chapter.

· The GAM Theory of Personality and Creativity 1:1
· Why Mozart and Not Salieri? 1:2
· The Fourteen GAM-Challenged Personality Families 1:3
· Why GAM? 1:4
· Creativity via a Detour Abroad1:6
· Breaking Out of Scripts or Not Having Them?1:7
· For Sustained Creativity of Adulthood, There Had to Be a Low Level of Peer Influence, Thanks to the M of a High GxAxM5:3
· GAM's Hedgehogs and GAM's Foxes1:9
· The Long Term Effect of Power on Creativity1:11
· The Creativogenicity of GAM/DP and the War of the Scripts1:22
· The New Volunteerism as the Ultimate Division of Power1:27
· Lord Acton's Law of Power, and its Four Corollaries1:28
· Gifted/Talented Children (High GxA) Will (Should) Become Successful Professionals; Challenged Children Will (Should) Become Geniuses 3:1
· In Praise of Pruning and on the Dangers of Success 3:3
· Why Berlinian Fox or Hedgehog?3:7
· The Creative Process 4:27
· Truth4:28
· Positive Psychology4:29
· DP Creative Thinking Versus the Exhaustive Dialectical Thinking 5:17
· Synopsis of the GAM/DP Theory4:30


· AriostoAriosto's Pessimism and the Life of a Renaissance Courtier2:3
· Berlin, Isaiah The Berlinian Arch-Fox Isaiah Berlin 4:6
· BonhoefferChallenged and Highly Creative, Without Major Misfortunes of Youth, But From a Deliberate Choice: Dietrich Bonhoeffer5:10
· CalvinoCalvino, Like Goethe, Was a Berlinian Fox by Being a GAM Alchemist 3:5
· CanettiThe Making of a Special Insular Personality: Canetti4:22
· CharlemagneCharlemagne, First of the Moderns?2:11
· FordLet the Cobbler Stick to His Last! No, Wrong Advice, Especially to a Universalist-Architect like Ford 4:9
· GoetheCalvino, Like Goethe, Was a Berlinian Fox by Being a GAM Alchemist 3:5
· HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne: GAM Radiologist-Universalist-Miner4:2
· James JoyceMaître Renard James Joyce1:10
· HeideggerWas Heidegger a Seeker Personality? And How about Other Existentialist Philosophers and Psychologists? 1:26
· KeynesKeynes: Seeker - Alchemist - Miner5:1
· Klee[Appendix]: Paul Klee: GAM Miner3:1
· LeonardoOn Leonardo's (and Ruzante's) Misfortune of Suffered Illegitimate Birth 5:7
· LeonardoLeonardo da Vinci's Incongruous Twelve Horses of his Adoration of the Magi 5:8
· LincolnHow the Mind of Young Abraham Lincoln Was Shaped by the Creativogenic Misfortune of Relative Father Failure 4:7
· MichelangeloMichelangelo's High DP Creativity in the Company he Gave God During His Creation of Adam5:32
· MoraviaAlberto Moravia, Down-to-Earth Radiologist4:4
· MozartWhy Mozart and Not Salieri?1:2
· MozartNo Schroeder: Your Mozart is Wrong Because Don Giovanni did not Say What You Read in a "Romantic" Translation5:9
· NietzscheNietzsche as GAM Radiologist2:9
· PasteurPasteur and John Nash: GAM Seekers5:2
· PiagetWhy Berlinian Fox or Hedgehog?3:7
· PlanckMax Planck: A Non-Challenged Personality and a Non- Revolutionary Scientist5:4
· PowerEileen Power, Alchemist and Universalist, Fox and Hedgehog and my DP Studies5:31
· PushkinAleksandr Pushkin, GAM Miner and Trapper, Therefore Berlinian Arch-Fox 4:3
· RooseveltRoosevelt's Poliomyelitis at Age 39: GAM's Pruning Not Challenged5:6
· SalieriWhy Mozart and Not Salieri?1:2
· Darwin & Newton 
 From Shortage of Scripts, to Enlarged Curiosity, to Scientific Discoveries 1:8
· Boccaccio, Petrarch, Chaucer 
 But Weren't Also the Classics at Fault? On the Griselda by Boccaccio, Petrarch, Chaucer 2:2
· Baudelaire, Natsume, De Kooning, Munch, Newton, Sartre 
 The GAM Miner Personality2:10
· Cervantes and Unamuno 
 No, Unamuno, Don Quixote did Not Suffer from "Herostratism"5:33
· Jephthah, Alexander Hamilton 
 GAM Trappers Military Commanders 3:6
· Naipaul, Said, Cervantes, Montaigne, Marx, Freud, Napoleon, Endo 
 GAM Leadsmen Are Not Parkian Marginal Men4:1
· Solzhenitsyn, Goethe, Picasso 
 Deliberately More Hedgehog (Solzhenitsyn), or More Fox (Goethe, Picasso) 4:5
· Carnegie, Eastman, Ford, Watson, Revson, Walton, Noyce 
 Further Evidence for GAM: At Least Five of the Seven Giants of Enterprise of Tedlow Were Challenged Personalities4:8
· Calderón de la Barca, Cervantes, Lope de Vega 
 In praise of three anti-aristocratic (therefore DP) GAM challenged Spanish writers of the Siglo de Oro: Calderón de la Barca, Cervantes, Lope de Vega 5:26


III. Civilizations and Countries
· ArgentinaAn ethnopsychological explanation of Argentina's difficulties4:16
· ByzantiumThe Low Creativity and High Unity of Power of the Byzantine Civilization 1:14
· BurgundyThe Contrasting Results of the Unity of Power of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Division of Power of the Tuscan Communes 2:1
· ChinaDid The Mandarins Kill the Chinese Civilization?2:7
· ChinaAnticipating More Changes: A Chinese Insular Virtue from Necessity 4:20
· EgyptThe Origins, Decline and Fall of the Egyptian Civilization1:19
· EnglandThe Church's Involuntary but Major Contribution to the Development of the English Parliament 2:12
· EnglandThe Liberating Power of the English Bible Under DP3:11
· EnglandThe Famed English and Japanese Imperturbability and its Causes4:26
· FranceThe French as UP Neo-Romans2:5
· GermanyThe Ritter (Knight/Warrior) Personality of the Germans--Are the Germans the Last of the Medievals? 1:25
· GermanyWhy the Famous German Kultur Failed5:16
· ItalyNo Canossas--No Contemporary Division of Power 1:23
· ItalyDante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Sacchetti, Visitors1:24
· ItalyThe Contrasting Results of the Unity of Power of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Division of Power of the Tuscan Communes 2:1
· JapanThe Strict Ritter Personality of the Japanese 3:9
· JapanInterpreting Three Recent Studies on the Contrast between the Japanese and American Ethnopsychology 4:21
· RussiaIn Supping with the Tsar the Russian Church Lacked a Long Spoon 4:17
· RussiaHow Did Nineteenth-Century Russia Produce So Many Great Men? 5:27
· ScotlandThe DP Origins of the Scottish Enlightenment1:18
· SpainThe Spaniards as UP Hidalgos2:6
· SwitzerlandThe Origins of the Swiss Confederation1:17
· USAThe DP Origins of the United States 1:15
· USAAmericans as Gothic Foxes, Latin-Americans as Baroque Hedgehogs 1:16
· USATom Sawyer and the Invention of a Visitor Sport2:4
· USAHow Did Eighteenth-Century America Produce So Many Great Men?5:25
· VeniceWhy did Venice Have no Great Writers When It Had Great Painters, Architects and Musicians? 4:13


IV. Great DP/UP Subjects
· The DP Origins of Western Science 1:12
· The DP Origins of Western Medicine 1:13
· The DP Origins of Western Medicine Part 2 - On the History of the Scientific Use of Dissection 4:14
· In Praise of Rabbi Elyse Goldstein's Feminist ReVisionism and of Mondino de' Luzzi's Dissections which Made Possible Woman's Emancipation5:23
· DP Christian Iconography versus UP Christian Iconography 4:10
· Contrasting Imperial Iconographies (dwarf or semigod) Paved the Way for the DP of Canossa 4:11
· Rinascimento and Siglo de Oro as "Swan Songs": of Swans Oppressed By the Unity of Pow1:20
· The DP Origins of Courtly Love 4:18
· The Ritter's Reaction to Courtly Love4:19
· Castration--As Punishment or For Eunuchism Is a Specific UP Terror 4:25
· The DP Contribution to the Abolition of Slavery in the 18th and 19th Centuries4:15
· The DP Origins of Fair-Play and Modern Sports 5:24
· Luther's Counter-Canossa of 1520 and 1525 5:13
V. Other GAM Subjects
· Why Are the Eccentrics Creative, but Not Eminently Creative? 1:5
· Central Unity of Power May Give Freedom and Favors to Some Talented People and Thereby Foster High Creativity 1:21
· GAM's Personality Families versus Eric Newton's Personality Styles3:2
· Sternberg is Right on Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid 5:30
· No Koestler: It Is Not True That the Structure of the Human Brain Is Faulty for Lack of Coordination 5:14
VI. Other DP Subjects
· The Western Shift to Quantification Perception in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries as Additional Evidence for the DP Theory 3:10
· Religious DP Precursors if Canossa 3:12
· The Italian Riconquista of 951-1369 and the Making of the Visitor 3:13
· UP Corrupts the Supremo, Who Then Corrupts Others 3:14
· Much Vanity Under UP3:15
· UP Saints versus DP Saints4:12
· Against UP Therefore Against Castiglione 4:23
· More on Lord Acton's Law of Power 4:24
· The Harsh Rejection of Three Japanese Visitor Heroes5:29
· Expanding on Three Historical "What If?"5:28
· No, Ritter Kant: That Is Not the Greatest Problem for the Human Race5:11
· Through Their Direct Control or Insider Exploitation, the Lay Rulers Corrupted the Christian Church(es)5:12
· No, C.P. Snow: Your Request That Educated People Know the Second Law Of Thermodynamics Is Absurd5:15
· Volunteerism as Superior Maslowian Self-Actualization, Superior Putnamian Bowling Together, and Answer to Framton's and McNeill's Concerns5:18
· Promoting Modern Volunteerism: a Much Needed Involvement by the Intellectuals 5:19
· The DP Origin of Religious Tolerance and the Respect for Human Rights5:20
· Orthodoxy More UP, Orthopraxy more DP 5:21
· No, Huntington. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights deserves more Praise5:22
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